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About Polytron – Car Oil Suppliers in Australia

Polytron is dedicated to delivering the most effective engine oil additives and professional service experience to our valued clients in the consumer market and industrial sector. As one of the premier suppliers of car and truck oil Australia wide, we’re proud to own the sole rights to the groundbreaking ‘Next Generation’ lubrication technology which is capable of minimising dangerous exhaust pollutants while enhancing fuel economy and improving overall performance. With our motor oil additives in your engine, your vehicle will thank you.

Polytron – Specialist Car Oil Suppliers

In the northern hemisphere summer of 2012, the foundations of Polytron were laid when we bought an exclusive line of environmentally friendly products that had taken in sales figures exceeding $250 million. The next step in our development as leading motor oil suppliers saw the creation of a specialist management team that consisted of successful individuals experienced in areas such as marketing, operations, sales, training and technology. We set up corporate offices in Newport Beach, California, along with production, warehousing and shipping facilities in Canada and the USA to support business operations throughout North America, Asia, Australia and Europe. And with that, Polytron was born.

How Our Engine Oil Additives Can Help You

Designed to reduce engine friction, Polytron motor oil additives can increase the efficiency of your vehicle or engine-powered equipment. Our products enable a complete fuel combustion, which in turn generates more energy while reducing toxic emissions.

When it comes to car oil suppliers in Australia, Polytron proudly leads the way in the supply of environmentally sound products and technologies that increase performance efficiency, as well as high-performance surface treatments, lubrication technologies, and fuel combustion-enhancing technologies. We’re committed to being there to enhance your bottom line with motor oil additives and other products that remain at the forefront of environmentally sound technology.

The overreaching goal of Polytron, both in Australia and worldwide, has always been to cultivate a robust organisation where our private and industrial sector customers receive products that offer nothing short of exceptional value. As a company, we believe that trust and integrity form the base of our business, and we will always strive to earn the trust and respect of all of our business associates.

When you need superior quality motor oil suppliers in Australia, discover the comprehensive product range available from Polytron.

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